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We will begin today's activities by having you take a little quiz!  Good Luck!! 

   Climate Science Quiz 

When you complete the quiz, please complete the following survey. 

   Climate Science Quiz Survey 

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One of the emerging applications we see for statistics is an interdisciplinary journey with the visual arts.  The process for creating informative, descriptive, representative can be daunting and needs proper instruction.

   Data Visualization Presentation

Sources to build data visualizations


   Tableau Public


Examples of Student work 

   The Changing Electorate 

   LGBT Youth in the Primary Grades 

   A Global Study of Paid Parental Leave

   Alzheimer's Deaths in NC 

   A Shortage of Nurses in the US 

   UNICEF's Efforts to Increase Access to Clean Drinking Water 

   Arrowheads on the East Coast 

Climate Science Data Activity

   Data Sets 

   Published Links 

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