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Posted by Caleb Marsh on July 19, 2015 at 10:50 PM

Greetings! This is my personal webpage. I use this page for my courses during the academic year and will be posting any necessary information to this site for your regular use. Below you will find some useful links to help you through your data analysis process this summer. I hope you enjoy our time together and if you have any questions regarding your research please contact me at either of the email addresses in the banner at the top of the page.


Rare Event Rule: If under a given assumption the probability of a particular observed event is exceptionally small then we must conclude that the original assumptions is probably not correct.

An Exercise in Simulation

Simulation is a very powerful tool used in data analysis. Researchers use simulations in many forms, particularly when re-sampling from the population multiple times is not an option. The exercise below is one of those cases.


In the Spring of 2015 I gave my Introduction to Statistics course their fourth examination of the semester. Prior to this date I had noticed several of my students not being honest when representing their own work. As a result, I decided to create two versions of my test. We shall call these two versions "green" and "yellow". I randomly selected who got what version, administered the test, and scored them.  

Lab report

Group Results

Data Visualization

TED Talk

Ten Tools for Infographics

Your Mum is so Flowery...


Statistical Tests Calculator

ANOVA Calculator

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