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MAT 1010 Course Syllabus

MyOpenMath is a required resource for this course.  It is a completely free resource, but to gain access, you must first register for an account.  The link below will provide you with instructions on how to gain access to your MyOpenMath account.

MyOpenMath Section 114 (5:20 PM)

Problem Solving

The core of any endeavor in mathematics is to use the skill set learned through the material to solve real-world applications.  This first section introduces the student to the art of problem solving.  This section will align with the Problem Solving Chapter in the textbook.

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete ENTERING ANSWERS IN MOM & PROBLEM SOLVING 1 no later than 11 PM on January 17.

Link to MyOpenMath


Taxes are fundamental to operating a functional government.  As citizens, we are taxed in a multitude of ways: sales tax, property tax, income tax, gasoline tax, medicaid, social security, and more.  Understanding what taxes are, how they are calculated, and how you file is an important skill set.

Notes on Taxes

Federal 1040 Form

Federal 1040 Form Instructions

Random Tax Filer Generator


Interest is a fundamental pillar of our economy and thus your personal finances.  In class tonight we will discuss what interest is, how it is used, and (most importantly) how it is calculated.

Notes on Interest

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete CALCULATING INTEREST no later than 11 PM on January 24.

Link to MyOpenMath


As we saw in our last discussion, the prospect of making your money grow (or in some cases, last) is difficult in today's economic climate.  Today we are going to discuss ways we can use annuities to further our goal of wealth building and management.

Notes on Annuities

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete ANNUITIES no later than 11 PM on January 29.

Link to MyOpenMath

Loans and Mortgages

This next section is all about the process of using personal credit to purchase big ticket items.  The largest of these items is your first home.  This process, coming from personal experience, is one of the most daunting you will ever face.  Before we begin this conversation, I'd like for you to feel familiar with a few terms and what the process is like.  Below is a link to an article that will help to familiarize yourself with the home buying process.

Things a First Time Home Buyer Needs to Know

Notes on Loans and Mortgages

Sample Home Mortgage Amortization Table

Class Project on Amortization Tables

Tonight you will get to try your hand at creating a Amortization Table.  The file is saved as a google document.  Please begin by making a copy of this document for yourself.  Next, compete the project and answer in the questions in appropriate places.  Finally, once completed, please share the google document with me at [email protected] Please see the attached google document below.  Your final submission of this project must be completed no later than Tuesday, February 5 at 11 PM.

Amortization Table Project

Finance Exam Review

Below is a link to the Exam Review Sheet and Answer Key.  We will work these problems in class this evening.

Exam Review

Exam Review Answer Key

Finance Formulas

Federal and State Income Tax Estimator

Introduction to Statistics

Today we will begin our conversation about the terminology of statistics.  We will utilize the powerpoint presentation linked below to guide our conversation.

The Terminology of Statistics

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS no later than 11 PM on February 14..

Link to MyOpenMath

Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data

Creating films that are "age appropriate" is less of a science and more of an art form. Whereas we might believe a particular film is created to engage a specific audience, raw data of such a showing might prove other wise. Below you will find links to trailers of three different films released in the fall of 2010. Additionally, you will find an excel sheet with some data that I collected outside of the theater.




Movie Data Set

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete ORGANIZING AND SUMMARIZING DATA no later than 11 PM on February 19.

Link to MyOpenMath

Comparing Distributions

Hello Kitty Automatic Pistol

Recently, on Capitol Hill, Senator Diane Feinstein introduced new legislation designed to address "Common Sense Gun Regulations". Pictured above is a Customized Velocity Arms Vmac Automatic Pistol that is listed as a proposed "banned firearm". In truth, at the heart of all gun regulation is the hope that we can reduce the overall violent crime rate... So if we are going to speak intelligently about the crime rate, we should at least know what it is and how it works.

State Crime Data


Project 1

Below are two links: the first is to a word document that details the assignment description and the second is an excel document that contains the data you are asked to analyze.  Please submit your work via email to [email protected]  Please complete this project assignment no later than Tuesday, February 26 by 11 PM. 

Project File

Excel Sheet with Data

The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model

Examine the data set below.

P-chem versus Analysis

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete THE NORMAL DISTRIBUTION no later than 11 PM on February 28.

Link to MyOpenMath

Data Visualization

200 Countries over 200 Years

Click on the links below to gain access to your classes survey responses. 

Introductory Survey Results

Marriage Rates by State

One of the emerging applications we see for statistics is an interdisciplinary journey with the visual arts.  The process for creating informative, descriptive, representative can be daunting and needs proper instruction.

Data Visualization Presentation

Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation

Leonardo DaVinci was a prolific artist and scientist. In fact, he was one of the first individuals to hypothesize that there was a relationship between certain aspects and measurements of the human body. 

Height Versus Shoe Size

Below you will find several data sets that also indicate relationships and associations between various data sets.

Galton / Pearson Data Set

Correlation Data Sets

Table of Significant r values

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete SCATTERPLOTS, ASSOCIATION, AND CORRELATION no later than 11 PM on March 19.

Link to MyOpenMath

Linear Regression

Least squares regression is a line fitting technique that we will use to generate a predictive equation based upon several different assumptions and parameters.

Regression Applet

Below you will find several data sets that we will use in class to exhibit regression modeling with technology.

Regression Data Sets

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete LINEAR REGRESSION no later than 11 PM on March 26.

Link to MyOpenMath

Exam 2 Review Materials

As you all know, we are quickly approaching our second test date. The links below provide you access to a few review documents that should help you with your preparations for our next test.

Univariate Data Review

Answer Key

***CORRECTION*** -  Problem 3b should be .0630.  

Bivariate Data Review Sheet

Answer key



Final Project Information

This course does not have a comprehensive exam, rather I would prefer that you complete a significant work that exemplifies your efforts this semester.  The link below will detail expectations for your final project.  The culmination of which will occur during our final exam time period on May 7.

Final Project Details

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