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MAT 1010 Course Syllabus

MyOpenMath is a required resource for this course.  It is a completely free resource, but to gain access, you must first register for an account.  The link below will provide you with instructions on how to gain access to your MyOpenMath account.

MyOpenMath Section 114 (5:20 PM)

Problem Solving

The core of any endeavor in mathematics is to use the skill set learned through the material to solve real-world applications.  This first section introduces the student to the art of problem solving.  This section will align with the Problem Solving Chapter in the textbook.

MyOpenMath Assignment

Please complete ENTERING ANSWERS IN MOM & PROBLEM SOLVING 1 no later than 11 PM on January 17.

Link to MyOpenMath


Taxes are fundamental to operating a functional government.  As citizens, we are taxed in a multitude of ways: sales tax, property tax, income tax, gasoline tax, medicaid, social security, and more.  Understanding what taxes are, how they are calculated, and how you file is an important skill set.

Notes on Taxes

Federal 1040 Form

Federal 1040 Form Instructions

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