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STT 2820 Syllabus

MyMathLab is a required resource for this course.  You may purchase access through the ASU bookstore or you may purchase access online.  I realize that the cost is great, as such you may register for a 14 day trial period for access.  Below are the instructions for registering for your MyMathLab section.

MyMathLab Section 101 (5:20 PM)

Introductory Survey / Introduction to MyMathLab

Click on the link below to complete the introductory survey. Please be aware that although the identity of the respondents will be kept anonymous, the results will be available to all students.

How I like to learn math survey

Introductory Survey

Once you have completed the introductory survey, you will want to familiarize yourself with the MyMathLab Learning Management System.  We will be using this online portal to access Statcrunch, the electronic version of your textbook, and the MyMathLab portion of your graded assessments.  Click on the link below to take you to the MyMathLab Login Page.  

MyMathLab Login Page

Once logged in:

Please watch the Intro Video and complete the Orientation HW by January 16 at 11 PM.

Chapter 1 - What is Statistics?

The Terminology of Statistics

The 5 W's of Data Analysis

•Who: Describe the individuals who were surveyed.
•What: Determine what is being measured.
•When: When was the research conducted?
•Where: Where was the research conducted?
•Why: What was the purpose of the survey or
•How: Describe how the survey or experiment was

MyMathLab Login Page

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Please Chapter 1 HW by January 16 at 11 PM.

Chapter 2 - Displaying and Describing Categorical Data

Click on the links below to gain access to your classes survey responses. 

Introductory Survey Results

One of the emerging applications we see for statistics is an interdisciplinary journey with the visual arts.  The process for creating informative, descriptive, representative can be daunting and needs proper instruction.

Data Visualization Presentation

Where you get your news used to be a simple question and a simple answer. The local news paper, perhaps the network news that came on shortly after dark. Today, that question is less simple and even more polarizing. Below is a link to the full results of a Public Policy Polling study released on February 6, 2013 dealing with this very issue.

PPP Poll

Top 100 Influential Conservatives and Liberals

MyMathLab Login Page

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Please Chapter 2 HW by January 23 at 11 PM.

Chapter 3 - Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data

Creating films that are "age appropriate" is less of a science and more of an art form. Whereas we might believe a particular film is created to engage a specific audience, raw data of such a showing might prove other wise. Below you will find links to trailers of three different films released in the fall of 2010. Additionally, you will find an excel sheet with some data that I collected outside of the theater.




Movie Data Set

MyMathLab Login Page

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Please Chapter 3 HW by January 28 at 11 PM.

Chapter 4 - Understanding and Comparing Distributions

Hello Kitty Automatic Pistol

Recently, on Capitol Hill, Senator Diane Feinstein introduced new legislation designed to address "Common Sense Gun Regulations". Pictured above is a Customized Velocity Arms Vmac Automatic Pistol that is listed as a proposed "banned firearm". In truth, at the heart of all gun regulation is the hope that we can reduce the overall violent crime rate... So if we are going to speak intelligently about the crime rate, we should at least know what it is and how it works.

State Crime Data


Project 1

Below are two links: the first is to a word document that details the assignment description and the second is an excel document that contains the data you are asked to analyze.  These same two documents have also been added to a google drive folder linked under your personal ASU account.  Please submit your work using the document provided in drive.  Please see this link for further instructions on submission.  Please complete this project assignment no later than Wednesday, January 30 by 11 PM. 

Project File

Excel Sheet with Data

Chapter 5 - The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and the Normal Model

Examine the data set below.

P-chem versus Analysis

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Please Chapter 5 #1 HW by February 4 at 11 PM.

Exam 1 Preparations

Below is a link to several problems we will examine in class today. I will not be taking this document up for a grade.

Supplemental Problems

As you all know, we are quickly approaching our first test date. The link below provides you access to an exam that I gave in a previous semester. This should help you with your preparations for our first test. 

Exam 1 Review

Answer Key

***CORRECTION*** -  Problem 3b should be .0630.  

Chapter 6 - Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation

Leonardo DaVinci was a prolific artist and scientist. In fact, he was one of the first individuals to hypothesize that there was a relationship between certain aspects and measurements of the human body. 

Height Versus Shoe Size

Below you will find several data sets that also indicate relationships and associations between various data sets.

Galton / Pearson Data Set

Correlation Data Sets

Table of Significant r values

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Please Chapter 6 HW by February 11 at 11 PM.

Chapter 7 - Linear Regression

Least squares regression is a line fitting technique that we will use to generate a predictive equation based upon several different assumptions and parameters.

Regression Applet

Below you will find several data sets that we will use in class to exhibit regression modeling with technology.

Regression Data Sets

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Please Chapter 7 HW by February 13 at 11 PM.


In each of your university provided google drive folders, I have shared with you your next project assignment.  This assignment covers material in chapters 6 & 7 of your textbook.  Please type your answers directly on the document I have shared with you.  Once you have completed the assignment, there is no need to save or share your work since I have retained ownership of the document through google drive.  Please complete this assignment no later than Monday, February 18.  Good Luck!!

Chapter 11 - Sample Surveys

Below is a link to a presentation that details many of the aspects of experimental design and observational studies.

Sampling Design and Sources of Bias

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

MyMathLab Login Page

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Please Chapter 11 HW by February 20 at 11 PM.


In accordance with the schedule on the syllabus, we will have our chapters 6 & 7 examination this Wednesday.  We will be taking time to review in class right before we begin your examination.  Below is a link to a review document that will help you prepare for this exam. 




Chapter 13 - From Randomness to Probability

In this chapter we will discuss some of the basics of Elementary Probability Theory.  Since I will be out of town for this meeting, I am requesting that you do the following:

1) Use the google slides presentation linked below to get a basic idea of the concepts.

Elementary Probability Slides Presentation

 2) Complete the MyMathLab Assignment linked below.  If you have questions, we will address them upon my return.

MyMathLab Login Page

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Please Chapter 13 HW by February 27 at 11 PM.

Permutation and Combination Calculator

Probability Supplemental Problems

Answer Key

Chapter 14 - Probability Rules!

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Please Chapter 14 HW by March 13 at 11 PM.

Below is a link to a document that contains several supplemental problems that we will examine in class today.

Chapter 15 - Random Variables

Given my recent experiences with the Medical Industry, I was recently prompted to look over my own insurance policy and found the wonderful gem below.

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Please Chapter 15 HW by March 18 at 11 PM.

Exam 3 Review Documents

Below are some materials that will help you review for this upcoming test.

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